Chocolate Bash

Chocolate Bash is your destination for sweet crêpes and waffles with all the genuine flavors that you’d find overseas! When you’re craving delicious crêpes or waffles, we’re simply the place to be. Our menu features sweet options perfect for any craving! Stop in for a tasty dessert to enjoy.

Padua Hills To-Go

Padua Hills To-Go is a new addition to the historic Padua Hills Theatre, located in the foothills of Claremont, CA.
After countless compliments and guests raving about our catering food, we decided to open as a to-go restaurant. Now everyone can take home a piece of Padua Hills!
We offer a wide selection of fine cuisine – from pasta to ribeye steak! We pride ourselves for using only the freshest ingredients. Our meat, poultry, and fish is A-listed for natural freshness and never frozen.
We welcome all guests to enjoy their to-go meals on our beautiful sunset view terrace overlooking the entire valley! Our canopy of perfectly groomed olive trees offers plenty of natural shade, which makes it ideal for outdoor dining. Uncork and relax with a bottle of wine and an appetizer while watching the sunset with your favorite people. If you’re looking to enjoy a great meal with a scenic view, Padua Hills To-Go is the place for you!


Casual counter-serve spot for modern Mexican-Latin dining on the patio of a funky little house.
When you want a quick bite, this is how it goes down at Petiscos… as you enter the cozy outdoor establishment, peruse and choose from a menu of 17 items or so.  Place your order at the counter – then find a spot at a rustic picnic table, surrounded by carefully picked kitsch, where your order will be delivered to you. You’re in – you’re out. 

Citrus Grove Distillers — CURRENTLY CLOSED

We are a members-only Distillery that makes Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskeys, Brandy, Liqueurs, and Agave Spirits in house and serves them at our bar. We have Mixologists behind the bar making our spirits into cocktails that will change how you drink spirits. Become a member today for only 20$ ONE TIME! This comes with A drink ON US!

Ironbark Ciderworks

At Ironbark our cidercraft is all about natural, healthy ingredients with the lowest possible calories. We always ferment our cider to dry, which means it contains no fermentable sugar. We don’t back sweeten our cider, or use sulfites or any other preservatives, so the unique character of each fruit, hop, herb and tea creates a unique bold, flavor experience that will excite the palate of even the most adventurous drinker.

Claremont Craft Ales

Claremont Craft Ales was started in 2012 with a singular focus on bringing fresh craft beer and a cozy pub-like brew-system Tasting Room to the local Claremont community. The primary focus of the beers at Claremont Craft Ales is on quality and freshness, so no style is off-limits, but West Coast-style hoppy beers dominate the portfolio.

Yum Yum Donuts

Donuts, Coffee, Breakfast, Chillas, Sandwiches and more!

The Village Grille

Claremont’s Original ’50s Diner.

Zaky Mediterranean Grill

Bringing the taste of Bethlehem to California Made fresh, cooked to order, falafel, rotisserie chicken, fire grilled kabobs, shawarma and so much more! Catering is our specialty. Keto menu available. Eat Healthy Always fresh!

Uno Tres Otto

To us, eating well is appreciating a harmony between whole, seasonal ingredients and the hands working to capture flavors which have survived generations .

It all starts with our produce—at Uno Tre Otto, ‘seasonal’ and ‘from scratch’ aren’t suggestions, they are fundamental starting points in creating wholesome food and flavorful food. Our restaurant here in the Claremont Village is an extension of our own family acreage, Amy’s Farm, just a few highway stops away in Ontario. This proximity to our source means the fruits and vegetables on your plate tonight were in the ground this morning. Harvested and delivered daily, grown entirely chemical-free, our produce and process allows the unique qualities and vibrant character of each ingredient to shine through. Of course, we also apply this same ethic of sustainable and responsible sourcing to our purchase of meat, seafood, and dairy.

Our pasta is made in-house from flour ordered in small batches, ensuring minimal waste and a hearty product that is cooked fresh, never dried. Organic heirloom wheat is stone-ground by micro-mill Grist & Toll in Pasadena, and always kept whole. By utilizing both germ and bran, we hope to underscore our commitment to rich and complete foods.

Our goal is to marry careful preparation with a simple concept to create complex flavors.
In doing so, we’d like to provide an experience that celebrates eating well, while always honoring both land and labor
that make it possible.

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