Folk Music Center in Claremont CA

The Folk Music Center is a musical gem owned by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ben Harper’s family. Steeped in a rich history of musical passion and expertise, this center is a sanctuary for music enthusiasts. They share a fascinating collection of rare and antique musical instruments and artifacts from various corners of the world. Every visit to the Folk Music Center promises a journey through time and cultures. Every instrument holds a unique story and invites visitors to discover something new and extraordinary. The Folk Music Center in Claremont is owned by this musician Ben Harper and his family.

The Folk Music Center History

The owners established this charming little shop in Claremont as a non-profit educational and cultural entity in 1976. Its purpose is to preserve and share the musical heritage of diverse cultures through a remarkable array of rare and antique musical instruments and artifacts. The Center also acts as an educational hub. They provide professional music lessons for individuals of all ages and skill levels. They have a dedicated focus on offering a comprehensive musical experience. Their aim is to inspire families, groups, and individuals by providing access to a wide variety of musical instruments and accessories. They foster a hands-on and enriching musical exploration for all who visit.

Their Mission

The Folk Music Center’s mission is clear: to encourage a personal connection with music by offering an opportunity to look, touch, and play these instruments from around the world. The Center extends a warm invitation to music enthusiasts, urging them to actively engage with this lively musical community. Anyone can participate in workshops, attend live performances, and participate in the inclusive Open Mic event on the last Sunday of every month. For those seeking to enrich their musical journey or appreciate the beauty of folk music, the Folk Music Center is a welcoming space. The melodies of the past and present blend harmoniously, resonating with the true essence of musical artistry.

Within the walls of the Folk Music Center, music comes alive with an echoing of the passion and dedication of generations. All are invited to share in the magic of folk melodies and the artistry that transcends time and borders.

For more information, visit the Folk Music Center website.

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