In Claremont, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience that encompasses history, creativity, and community. Claremont’s extraordinary coffee shops have a story to tell in every sip, and they offer more than just coffee; they offer a sense of belonging.

These Claremont coffee shops aren’t just places to grab a caffeine boost; they are part of the fabric of the community. Conversations flow, ideas flourish, and friendships form. Whether you’re a student seeking solace in the books, a traveler exploring Claremont’s cultural richness, or a coffee connoisseur searching for the perfect brew, Claremont’s extraordinary coffee shops have something special brewing just for you.


Claremont coffee shops are extraordinary. Putting the freshly ground beans into the espresso machine to pour.

Next time you find yourself in Claremont, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city’s historic roasts, favorite study spots, and the best brews in town. It’s a journey through coffee that you won’t soon forget. So, in no particular order…

Some Crust Bakery: Claremont’s Century-Old Coffee Haven

In the heart of Claremont Village lies Some Crust Bakery, a century-old locals-favorite bakery. This beloved institution has stood the test of time, tantalizing taste buds with handcrafted pastries, sandwiches, and a rich array of coffee offerings. From the moment you step inside, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods envelops you. Their bakery and coffee shop isn’t just a caffeine fix; it’s a symphony of rich blends to elevate your day. Savor your favorite brew at a cozy sidewalk seat, or indulge in a custom cake masterpiece. Quality and a century of tradition are served at Some Crust Bakery with every delightful bite and sip.


Woman in front of Some Crust Bakery in Claremont looking at breads and cakes.

Iron & Kin: Where Claremont Gets Its Creative Buzz

Iron & Kin isn’t just a coffee spot; it’s Claremont’s creative epicenter. Surrounded by the rustic industrial charm of the historic Packing House, this chic cafe—wrapped in hanging plants and feel-good vibes—beckons you to join the locals for study sessions, unique brews, and chats with friendly baristas who know their craft. Connect with kindred spirits grounded in their love for the coffee experience and the camaraderie it fosters. Your must-try here? An Affirmation Latte! Unique ingredients and natural sweeteners make the Kind-Hearted, Peaceful, Worthy and Courageous Lattes genuinely uplifting. Iron & Kin ignites the imaginations of artists, writers, and thinkers who savor a coffee-fueled energy boost and transform dreams into reality. 



Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. A cup of coffee with pastry

The Last Drop Cafe: Where Coffee and Community Share a Cup 

The Last Drop Cafe is an absolute gem! They offer a relaxed vibe with sidewalk seating and a menu that’s a caffeine lover’s dream – think coffee delights, mouthwatering sandwiches, and heavenly baked treats. It’s not just your typical coffee joint; they cater to the vegan and gluten-free crowd, and their daily-changing soups add an element of surprise. With the added perk of free Wi-Fi and an owner and staff as warm as your favorite latte, it’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for a laid-back hangout. And here’s the cherry on top: they’ve got a variety of scrumptious vegan cookies that’ll have you hooked. So, if you’re in the mood for a caffeine kick, a delectable breakfast, or a satisfying lunch, The Last Drop Cafe is Claremont’s coziest mom-and-pop coffee shop, a local favorite worth sipping and savoring.


Rev’d Up Claremont: Where Coffee Meets Cool Vibes and Classic Cars 

Established in 2018, Rev’d Up Claremont is a unique coffee shop on historic “Route 66.” This cafe offers an authentic and cool vibe, exceptional customer service, and a deep appreciation for Stumptown coffee. The shop’s custom design creates an atmosphere that immerses customers in a vintage SoCal lifestyle while enjoying their coffee. Rev’d Up Claremont is not just any Claremont coffee shop; it’s a gathering place for coffee enthusiasts and classic car lovers. On the last Sunday of every month, stop by for one of their special car meet-ups. Rev’d Up Claremont is the perfect place where coffee, cool vibes, and classic cars come together in the heart of Claremont Village.


Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. Rev'd Up coffee and sandwich

Crème Bakery’s Artisanal Coffee and Bakery Delights

Awaken your senses at Crème Bakery! This artisanal haven in Claremont, California, isn’t just about crafting heavenly hearth loaves and pastries; it’s your passport to an exceptional coffee experience. From this bakery’s heart, they brew locally sourced, organic coffee that perfectly complements their freshly made croissants, scones, muffins, and more. As your taste buds dance with delight, don’t miss out on their seasonal surprises, including unique sandwiches that promise a gourmet journey. Whether you’re relishing your treats on-site or taking them on your next adventure, Crème Bakery is where your coffee cravings meet their match.


Coffee and sweets at Creme Bakery

42nd Street Cafe: Brewing Community Connections

42nd Street Cafe is Claremont’s delightful neighborhood coffee gem, where coffee is more than just a drink – it’s a cozy hug in a mug. On a picturesque tree-lined street, this café embodies the warm spirit of Claremont’s close-knit community. Their coffee menu features meticulously selected beans masterfully roasted for your pleasure. Whether you’re a die-hard coffee enthusiast or on the hunt for something adventurous—like their Blueberry Iced Coffee—42nd Street Cafe will satisfy your caffeine cravings. Conversations flow like a fresh brew at this neighborhood Claremont coffee shop, and strangers quickly become friends. Offering artisanal bagels, gourmet coffee, mouthwatering food options and community connection, hear the beat of dancing feet at 42nd Street Cafe.


Nosy Neighbors Coffee and Donuts: Brews, Bites, and Banter

Nosy Neighbors Coffee and Donuts isn’t your ordinary coffee spot. It’s Claremont’s hub for great brews and chit-chat, served with buckets of delectable, warm donuts. This cozy joint harmoniously combines the aroma of freshly baked mini donuts with the scent of expertly brewed coffee. It creates a friendly atmosphere perfect for indulging your taste buds and striking up conversations with your neighbors. Nosy Neighbors is known for its commitment to life’s simple pleasures, endless cups of joe and sweet nibbles. It’s the go-to Claremont coffee shop when craving caffeine and community camaraderie.


Claremont coffee shops are extraordinary. Coffee and donuts at Nosy Neighbors.

Lucky’s Coffee Roasters: Where Tradition Brews Excellence 

Lucky’s Coffee Roasters isn’t your average coffee spot; it’s a Claremont institution with a legacy of quality that spans generations. This Claremont coffee shop has been dedicated to crafting the finest brews since day one. They’ve got a dedicated following of coffee aficionados to prove it. Each cup boasts a rich and flavorful experience that greets you with a tantalizing aroma as soon as you enter. But it’s not just about coffee here; it’s about community and collaboration. Step into Lucky’s and discover coffee brewed with love, dedication and a passion for the perfect cup of joe.


Claremont coffee shops are extraordinary. Freshly made cup of coffee at shop. Barista left it on the machine to cool.

Al Amir Bakery – Claremont’s Bean Nirvana! 

Al Amir elevates your coffee experience. They handcraft your coffee—ensuring each cup boasts quality and flavor that redefines your coffee journey. This devotion underlines their quest to provide nothing short of an extraordinary coffee experience. As you step into Al Amir Bakery, you’re greeted by coffee aromas and a commitment to top-tier service. They understand that coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply seeking exquisite flavors, Al Amir invites you to savor the remarkable difference in every sip, where quality beans, daily craftsmanship, and exceptional service come together in caffeinated harmony.


Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. Beans for coffee.

Euro Café: Where Coffee and Culinary Delights Blend to Perfection 

A family-operated coffee haven, the charming Euro Café excels in serving a delectable fusion of Portuguese and Italian cuisine. Coffee is the show’s real star though. Whether craving a morning jolt or a midday pick-me-up, Euro Café’s full espresso bar has all your favorite brews. Sip on a cappuccino, savor an iced latte, or go for a creamy smoothie. Each cup is a caffeinated masterpiece. Beyond coffee, Euro Café offers an enticing menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner delights. These are Portuguese specials that make every bite an adventure. Whether you’re seeking an energy-boosting breakfast, a savory meal, or a delightful coffee experience, Euro Café is the Claremont rendezvous where culinary magic meets coffee charm.


Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. A cup of coffee with foam that says Euro Cafe

Norema Cafe: Sip, Study, and Savor 

Norema Cafe isn’t your run-of-the-mill coffee joint; it’s the Claremont spot where caffeine, camaraderie, and culture come together. With a commitment to quality, they offer an array of teas and coffees to suit every palate. It’s the ultimate hangout for studying or simply unwinding with friends. Tucked away like a delightful secret, Norema’s cozy ambiance provides the perfect backdrop for reading or hitting the books, especially during finals. While they serve coffee, Norema is renowned for its specialty teas and boba. They love adding a flavorful twist to your Claremont coffee shop experience. It’s where quiet moments meet cultural flavors, making every visit unique. Norema Cafe is where the brews are as diverse as the conversations. Here, every sip is a cultural journey you won’t want to miss.


Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. The outdoor sign at Norena coffee

T and Joy: Claremont’s Local Coffee Gem, Where Every Sip is a Warm Welcome

Step into T & Joy, your go-to spot for handcrafted, handshaken boba, teas and coffee! Various specialty drinks are whipped up here with love and real, top-notch ingredients. Dive into a world of artisanal coffees, where you’ll find the caffeinated joy that’s a student favorite among Claremont’s college crowd. At T & Joy, every sip is a sip of pure happiness!


All the ingredients for great coffee.

Sanctuary Coffee: Brewing Social Change, One Cup at a Time

At Sanctuary Coffee, it’s not just about serving artisan coffee and teas; it’s about making a difference. They ensure fair wages for coffee farmers, combat human trafficking and donate ten lbs. of food for each pound of coffee sold to local pantries. All profits support charities in Claremont and neighboring communities, tackling pressing social issues head-on. They’re on a mission to caffeinate social justice. Whether sipping your specialty coffee indoors or enjoying the outdoor ambiance, you’ll be surrounded by local artists’ work. Founded by a former university Dean and inspired by visionary students, Sanctuary Coffee offers a practical way for individuals to connect, receive mentorship, and stir up positive change in their communities. Join them today in brewing a better world, one cup at a time. 


Sanctuary coffee with a view.

Honnold: Where Coffee Meets Campus Coolness 

Honnold is the ultimate college hangout in the Honnold/Mudd Library of the Claremont Colleges. The laid-back atmosphere and cozy seating make it the perfect spot for focused study sessions and casual coffee chats with peers. Honnold’s coffee menu offers everything from bold brews to indulgent lattes, ensuring every coffee craving is satisfied. Looking to turbocharge those marathon study sessions with a caffeine boost, or maybe you’re on the hunt for a cozy hangout where coffee and camaraderie come together seamlessly? Look no further than Honnold – it’s your go-to hub for coffee, espresso, and a hefty dose of campus coolness!


Motley Coffeehouse: Where Student-Led Creativity Brews and Imagination Sings! 

Nestled at Scripps College, this student-run Claremont coffee shop isn’t just about caffeinated goodness. It’s a vibrant stage for artistic expression. They have a diverse coffee menu that caters to all tastes, from classic java to unique specialties. Motley Coffeehouse provides the backdrop for you to dive into Claremont’s local college scene while sipping on your preferred brew. Whether you’re a student, a coffee connoisseur, or someone seeking an inspiring atmosphere, come and experience a cup of culture at Motley Coffeehouse.


Claremont Coffee shops and roasters are extraordinary. Coffee brewer working to make an espresso.

Local Flavor: Claremont’s Coffee Roasters

Each Claremont coffee shop offers a unique experience, from the art of roasting to the ambiance that makes Claremont coffee culture extraordinary. Whether seeking a tranquil oasis, a creative haven, or simply a welcoming community, Claremont coffee shops have something special brewing just for you. Sip and savor the local flavor and discover the coolest Claremont hangouts.