Southern California is known as a beautiful and scenic place, ideal for a health and wellness lifestyle. One of California’s best-kept secrets, Claremont has emerged as a hidden gem for those seeking an escape that nurtures both the body and soul. This charming city is just waiting to be explored and in it lies a world of wellness, perfect for a rejuvenating weekend getaway. Discover the peaceful tranquility, healthy dining, and various wellness experiences that redefine the art of self-care.

mother and daughter enjoy a wellness weekend in Claremont

Why Claremont for Wellness?

Claremont is most often celebrated for its academic prowess; however, believe it or not, it’s also a haven for wellness enthusiasts. The city’s lush parks, tree-lined streets, nearby mountain escapes and commitment to a healthy lifestyle set the stage for any wellness-focused retreat you might be planning for 2024. Beyond the everyday hustle and bustle of Southern California living, Claremont invites visitors to embrace a healthier lifestyle and engage in experiences that promote well-being.

enjoying a healthy meal during a wellness weekend

Accommodations for Tranquil Wellness Retreats in Claremont

The best way to begin your wellness journey is by selecting a local Claremont accommodation, and they each have their own style of wellness. Claremont offers a boutique hotel, family properties and even budget-friendly options, designed to envelop guests in an atmosphere of well-being. Indulge in your own ‘wellness-focused” experience and decide which amenities you might need for your optimal relaxing experience.

Hotel Casa 425

Casa 425 offers a boutique escape with wellness at its core, providing a serene atmosphere, amenities, and relaxing experiences.

DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont

DoubleTree by Hilton Claremont seamlessly blends modern comforts with a wellness focus, offering fitness and recreation convenience, nutritional dining options, and a hot tub/pool for an overall wellness experience.

Claremont Lodge

Claremont Lodge invites guests to a nature-inspired retreat, fostering well-being through its charm, outdoor spaces including a pool, and experiences that harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Motel 6 Claremont

Motel 6 Claremont provides budget-friendly well-being, focusing on simple outdoor exercise zones including tennis courts, healthy grab-and-go options, and mindful-stay packages for a comfortable and affordable stay with wellness in mind.

a girl holding a tennis racket with a healthy bowl of fruit on it for a wellness weekend.

Mindful Dining Experiences in Claremont

Fuel your body with the nourishment it craves at some of Claremont’s diverse dining establishments. From farm-to-table delights to healthy-conscious cafes, the city’s culinary scene definitely aligns with the principles of wellness. Savor and sip at all the specialty eateries in Claremont for uplifting of your mind, body and soul. Claremont’s amazing food and beverages are crafted with your well-being in mind. 

plate of healthy vegetables for wellness

Outdoor Wellness Activities

Enjoy all the outdoor activities you have time for during your stay and celebrate the union of mind and body. Claremont’s tree-lined streets and nearby mountains provide the perfect backdrop where you can reconnect with nature and your inner self. Traverse nature trails for relaxation and fun as you breathe in the crisp, invigorating air that only Claremont can offer.

a few people running down a hill for a wellness weekend

Spa Escapes For A Wellness Weekend in Claremont

Pamper yourself in the lap of luxury at some of Claremont’s favorite spas and wellness centers. Indulge in facials, massage services, waxing, hair care and more. Focus on rejuvenating both body and spirit. From relaxing to invigorating treatments, Claremont’s wellness spas invite you to unwind in a setting designed for ultimate relaxation.

women doing yoga for wellness

Local Wellness Events

Discover a myriad of opportunities—from yoga to meditation classes to holistic health. Claremont’s vibrant community is dedicated to enhancing your well-being. Your wellness journey could include local events to foster mindfulness and personal growth. Claremont has it all.

Cultural and Artistic Wellness

Explore Claremont’s rich cultural and artistic offerings with a visit to one of the many local museums and galleries. Captivate your senses and expand your wellness horizons. Let’s just call it “art therapy.” Claremont’s commitment to fostering the arts and creativity seamlessly intertwines with the pursuit of personal wellness.

enjoying an art museum during a wellness weekend

Planning Your Wellness Itinerary

Customize your wellness weekend with a personalized itinerary tailored to your preferences. As you explore the Discover Claremont website, navigate through the city’s offerings of spa treatments, outdoor activities, and mindful dining experiences. Create a “customized wellness weekend” that aligns with your unique needs and desires.

throwing clay pottery as a form a self care for a wellness weekend

Elevate Your Claremont Stay with Personalized Wellness Experiences

Claremont, with its commitment to healthy, happy living, invites you to embrace a wellness weekend that goes above and beyond the ordinary. Strolling through the serene parks, savor nourishing cuisine or indulge in relaxing self-care escapes. This Southern Californian haven could be the canvas for your wellness masterpiece. Rejuvenate, revitalize, and rediscover yourself in Claremont—a destination where the pursuit of well-being becomes an art form.