Here’s a one-day itinerary for how to spend 24 hours in Claremont.

Becoming familiar with a city and exploring it like a local rather than a tourist has to be one of the most rewarding aspects of travel. Claremont, California, is a quintessential suburban, small town just 30 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles near the Inland Empire. It’s a town you feel at home in immediately. During your stay, you’re sure to glimpse the essence and unique characteristics beloved by the people there. A visit to Claremont is an authentic experience that’ll most likely have you planning a return trip. 

How to spend a perfect 24 hours in Claremont

Let’s say you only have a small window of time to visit Claremont; perhaps you have a layover while on a train ride or a sojourn from a long road trip. So here’s a one-day itinerary with multiple things to see, do and eat to experience this incredible city like a local. 

Claremont’s charming and walkable village is full of historical architecture, tree-lined streets, locally-owned shops and boutiques. There are also seven colleges in Claremont, so while it’s considered a college town, the allure of this hidden gem in Southern California is the hospitality you feel when you visit, even if only for a day. So let’s explore it like a local!

Courtyard full of trees and students walking between two buildings at Scripps College


Hop off the train at the historic Claremont Depot — or park your car — and Creme Bakery is a unique artisan shop on Harvard Ave across the street. Handmade, organic ingredients and traditional recipes create some of the most delectable Viennoiserie, pastries, cookies, tarts, French baguettes and rustic loaves of bread. But, of course, you’ll want to buy extra to hide away in your bag for later.

Grab an Iced Caffe Mocha Latte or a Raspberry Iced Tea from the Last Drop Café across the street if you need an extra caffeine fix. Here you’ll find all the specialty coffees, teas and smoothies options you could dream of drinking throughout the day. You can even liven up your drink with Boba, those tasty, chewy Tapioca pearls popping up in drink shops everywhere.


Whether touring schools for your kid’s future or curiosity, the seven Claremont Colleges are all within about a square mile. They are some of the most picturesque and historical public areas to visit. Five undergraduate and two graduate universities are resplendent with beautiful lawns and colorful gardens. The lush grounds are just one reason to check out these highly-ranked liberal arts campuses. Do not miss the fabulous art installations and nature-inspired, eco-conscious modern architecture you might see along the way.

The ever-popular vomFASS in Claremont Village on Yale Ave. is a local shop with a relaxing ambiance where you can taste the most incredible olive oils and balsamic vinegar. We guarantee you won’t leave without a bottle – or ten – of vomFASS oils! You’ll find yourself stopping at this artisanal shop every return visit. Imagine how delightful fresh Olive Oil and Balsalmic taste when drizzled over an amuse-bouche, salad or cheesy crostini appetizer. 


¡Toma! One does not live on bread and olive oil alone, so make sure Viva Madrid is on your bucket list for dinner. This lively restaurant on Yale Ave. serves up authentic Spanish flavors and experiences in the form of tapas, paella and other Basque-style delicacies. Be sure to try the Champiñones al Ajillo (mushrooms), Paella Canaria (sausage & chicken), Cordero a la Miel (lamb) and, of course, the Arroz con Leche (creamy rice pudding) for dessert. Whether you eat dinner early or late, Viva Madrid can accommodate you! Your dining experience will be full of Buenos Tiempos!

Watching the sunset is always a magical experience, but have you ever seen the divided daylight and night sky? James Turrell’s Skyspace, “Dividing the Light”, is one of the most glowing and beautiful ways to witness nature’s phenomenon. Turrell’s free art installation at the Pomona College Draper Courtyard heightens the viewer’s awareness of light, sky, and perception. Both the sunrise and sunset programs last about 40 minutes. 

Are you thinking about planning another visit to Claremont? Then, we’ve got the perfect itineraries for you!