Dress up in style around the city by shopping for fashion at Claremont’s most stylish clothing boutiques. These fashion ambassadors are highlighting the aesthetics of some of our local clothing stores. From left to right: The Giving, DeeLux, Sharon’s Shop, and Amelie on Yale.)

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Preparing for a new season is refreshing, especially when it comes to clothing. If you’re searching for fantastic local businesses, trendy boutiques, and vibrant thrift shops, we have it all here in Claremont. Get ready to revamp your summer SoCal wardrobe with these great discoveries around the city!

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Website: https://amelieonyale.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopamelie/

If you’re searching for an elegant and welcoming women’s boutique, Amelie on Yale is perfect. With its contemporary fashion and gorgeous fabrics, all the items you’ll find at Amelie are high-quality and worth investing in. This beloved shop has compassionate, supportive business owners who focus on collaborating with local artists. You’ll find jewelry, candles, and art pieces that will be lovely gifts while you shop for your summer outfit. Make a statement with a boheme top or two here.

Fashion Spotlight

Are you dreaming about finding LA fashion with a Parisian vibe? Look no further. This chic midi dress is soft, light, and very versatile. You can elevate your look anywhere you go and pair this piece with a statement necklace or brimmed hat when you’re out in the sun.


Website: https://www.mydeelux.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mydeelux/

DeeLux is a wonderful family-owned business that was ahead of its time. It has evolved over the decades from a small hip denim shop to a space filled with vibrant vintage clothing, popular with college crowds. The retro aesthetic, chill beats, and incredible bargains make it an ideal space for shopping with friends. If you’re hoping to get even more bang for your buck, you can make an appointment to sell your own clothes and get store credit. It’s a fun way to be sustainable with your fashion.

Fashion Spotlight

This gorgeous pair of vintage cowboy boots has detailed patterns and looks like new! It’s a solid choice for wearing at outdoor concerts. Deelux has a skilled eye for selling famous brands at a nice price. If you fall in love with something here, get it quick since they have many one-of-a-kind pieces as a thrift shop.


Website: https://thegrovevintage.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopthegroveclothing/

The Grove knows that colors that pop are always a big hit in the summer. You can add to your wardrobe some of the hottest trends while not breaking your budget. From chunky platforms, to hyper-textured bags, to cute crop tops, this place embraces retro returns with a modern twist. Whether you’re new in town, touring the Claremont Colleges, or living proudly in the city, The Grove is the best place for merchandise labeled with California, Claremont, and Los Angeles.

Fashion Spotlight

You might become obsessed with the bright hues at The Grove. The fresh, lively prints are easy to pair together. This entire display focuses on clothing and accessories adorned with fruit. Notice the strawberry bucket hat, cherry tank top, and watermelon earrings. It’s pretty sweet.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharongsshop/

Want to support women-owned businesses? Visit Sharon’s Shop. It’s one of the newest stores to find its home in Claremont. From purses to hats to dresses, everything has a bohemian or classic flair. You can find some amazing deals on swimsuits and beach-friendly outfits here. So if you’re near Bardot restaurant or walking around the Village on Bonita street, take some time to explore this hidden gem tucked away in a historical brick building. You won’t regret it.

Fashion Spotlight

This bright, citrus maxi dress is one of many stunning items in Sharon’s Shop. With its sexy, bold cut and flowing draped fabric, you can feel confident rocking this floral dress! Pair it with colorful, eclectic accessories to have fun this summer.


Website: https://the-giving.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegiving_claremont/

There’s something beautiful about random acts of kindness. At The Giving store in Claremont you can help support a variety of worthy causes by shopping for apparel. This place is a popular spot to pick up an outfit for vacation or upcoming holiday. We might have discovered why: many of the dresses, jumpsuits, and pants have pockets! When you’re looking to give back to people in need while also treating yourself to an outfit, this place is a solid choice.

Fashion Spotlight

The soft color palettes at The Giving fit perfectly for spring and summer. You can find items that are equal parts comfort and classy. This coral dress is fun to match with sunglasses on the go. With a breezy cut, you can make this a staple to add to many SoCal adventures. Imagine all the possibilities of clothing combinations ahead of you!